Rabbi Dr. Henry G. Brandt passed away on 07.02.2022 at the age of 94.

With Rabbi Brandt, the Jewish Museum Augsburg has lost a great friend and supporter. During his time as community rabbi of the jewish community of Augsburg, he always had an open ear for our concerns and questions and also enriched our program in many ways. Despite his many appointments and commitments, he always had time to give regular lectures at the museum.

His “Lehrhaus” series on Jewish festivals and traditions was a fixture in our calendar of events for many years, guaranteeing us a Festsaal filled to capacity. Because Henry G. Brandt was a gifted narrator who could illustrate complex contexts in a wonderful way with stories and always let subtle humor shine through. The fact that he never needed more than the scheduled one hour to deal in depth with the respective topic in his freely held lectures always impressed us anew.

We are also very grateful to Henry G. Brandt for his commitment to the series of talks on the various Jewish movements, which was introduced in 2010. Not only did he develop the concept with us, but he also put us in touch with the rabbis who were invited to speak and, as long as his health permitted, moderated the conversations himself.

With the series “Learning with the Rabbi” Henry G. Brandt also inspired the visitors of the European Day of Jewish Culture at the beginning of September for many years.

Rabbi Brandt will not only be remembered for the many inspiring events we were able to hold with him. We will also never forget his heartfelt personal interactions with the museum team. If one happened to meet him in the hallway or stairwell, he gladly took time for a conversation.

May his memory be a blessing.

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