The network of historial synagogue sites in bavarian swabia

The “Network of Historical Synagogue Sites in Bavarian Swabia”, founded in 2004, is an alliance of municipalities, museums, associations and foundations with a shared commitment to re­sear­ching, preserving and spreading knowledge of the remaining traces of Swabian Jewish communities destroyed during the Nazi period.

The network currently comprises eigh­teen memorial sites working together to raise awareness of Swabia’s Jewish heritage. The Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia coordinates the network’s activities.


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Die Synagoge in Binswangen.
Der ehemalige jüdische Friedhof in Buttenwiesen.
Ansicht der Ehemaligen Synagoge Fellheim.
Im Illertal. Altenstadt, Osterberg, Krumbach-Hürben, Fellheim und Memmingen