The Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia depends on the financial support of donors. Donations allow us to realize projects, offer our program of events and add exciting new objects to our collections. They also permit us to present our collections to the public.
We appreciate any and all donations and are happy to issue a donation receipt.

Bank details for donations:

Stiftung Jüdisches Kulturmuseum Augsburg-Schwaben
Stadtsparkasse Augsburg
BLZ: 720 500 00
Kontonr.: 810 51 00 99
IBAN: DE20 7205 0000 0810 5100 99


Promote cultural diversity in Augsburg by supporting the Jewish Museum!

The Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia is located in the one-of-a-kind Augsburg Synagogue. Built in 1917, the synagogue is an important architectural landmark in the city center. In 2014, furthermore, the museum acquired a satellite location in the former synagogue of the Augsburg district of Kriegshaber. As the oldest Jewish museum in Germany, we have a fixed place in the cultural landscape of Augsburg and Bavarian Swabia. Receiving around 27,000 visitors annually since our founding in 1985, our museum offers insights into the Jewish history of Augsburg and Bavarian Swabia and establishes links to current social issues. The museum is a place where aspects of migration, integration, belonging and culture are discussed from the perspective of a minority.

Our program of exhibitions and events is designed to promote tolerance in Augs­burg and Swabia, normalizing diversity and ensuring that neither anti-Semitism nor any other form of hatred or discrimination finds a place in our city.

Please contact us if you wish to sponsor the museum. From placing an ad­vertise­ment in our biannual program brochure to becoming a museum partner with an extensive, customized sponsoring agreement – a wide range of sponsoring options is available to you.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, we invite you to get to know us personally. We’d be happy to show you the museum and synagogue, introduce you to our work and discuss with you what form our cooperation might take.


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