The ErinnerungsWerkstatt Augsburg (Augsburg Memory Workshop) is a loose association of initiatives, institutions and private persons which first came together in 2012. Its goal is to research the biographies and keep alive the memory of victims of National Socialism from Augsburg. Completed biographies are published in an online memorial book at:

Several memorial sites and signs for the victims of National Socialism can be found in Augsburg. The “Augsburg Path,” a series of interconnected memorials, was established with the help of many parties, including victims’ families. The path includes not only Stolpersteine (“stumbling stones”), which have been used in many cities, but also so-called memorial ribbons. These commemorative signs in public spaces raise awareness of the victims within the context of their personal lives, inspiring passersby to learn more. The online memorial book complements the memorial path by recounting victims’ biographies in greater detail.

Together, the public memorial signs and the online memorial book form a continuously expanding historical record that enriches civic life in Augsburg. All residents can participate, whether by sponsoring a Stolperstein or memorial ribbon or by contributing a short or long bio of a victim of National Socialism. In this way, everyone can make a contribution to Augsburg’s historical awareness and commitment to peace.