Can you still launch a blog in 2021? What does museum work look like behind the scenes? Or should we rather say behind the showcases? Are people interested in it at all? Do we need Jewish museums at all, and if so, why? We will find all this out together here. On that note: Welcome to the blog of the Jewish Museum Augsburg Swabia!

Here we will keep you up to date on current exhibitions and events, share insights from the museum’s everyday life, and give you a glimpse into our educational work and research activities. We also present the stories of objects and people from the Jewish history of Augsburg and Bavarian Swabia. These are often members of the Augsburg Jewish community before 1938, whose descendants we would especially like to welcome. All contributions will be in both German and English.

In addition, our blog is also intended to be a harbor in the confusing wilderness of the Internet: Whether we publish videos on YouTube or a podcast, here you will find links and information about all our activities. And like all these activities, this blog is not an purpose in itself, but there for you, our visitors, readers and users.

That’s why we always welcome your comments, questions and suggestions! On our social media channels or by email to

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