LIFELINES 2.0 with Majda Jones

»Everyone in my family was a stand-up guy«

In memory of the November pogrom

The National Socialist tyranny also left deep scars on the children and grandchildren of survivors. In the LEBENSLINIEN 2.0 series, descendants of members of the pre-war community in Augsburg talk about how the Shoah left its mark on their families.

Majda Jones was born in New York in 1943 as the daughter of Else Sajovic, née Einstein. Like her mother, her grandparents Gustav and Rika Einstein were able to escape to the USA after years of flight and build a new life there. Gustav Einstein, who was a cattle and property dealer and brewery owner in Unterbaar and Wildenstein, had already had to give up his life in Augsburg in March 1933. In order to regain his confiscated property, he returned to Bavaria in the mid-1950s. The tenacity with which her family fought back against the injustice inflicted on them left its mark on Majda Jones from an early age. On this evening, she will share her memories.

MusiC | Dominik Uhrmacher
Reading | Tinka Kleffner

At a glance


26.11.2023 | 18.00 Uhr


Sensemble Theater
Bergmühlstraße 34, Entrance Walterstraße, 86153 Augsburg


5,00 € | 3,00 € reduced



Event takes place in German language

In Cooperation with Sensemble Theater

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